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We are back once again with another writing service review. This time, we are investigating This is a writing service that has been around for quite some time. Our review is based on several steps that we have taken to conduct this investigation. We have explored the website itself, read testimonials from the company website, and obtained customer feedback and commentary from several places online. In addition to this, we reviewed writing samples that are posted online. We also received an undergraduate research paper.

Can Master Paper be trusted? Will they provide academic writing services that students can rely on? We have the answers to these questions below.

Products And Services

Master Papers mentions that it provides academic writing, coursework, and other assignments. They also offer admissions content for both college and graduate students. Outside of the realm of academics, students can count on it for resume writing, copywriting, and web content. In addition to this, editing and proofreading services are available. You can access the different types of academic writing via the links at the site’s home page. All other services are found via dropdown menus within the order form itself.

Website Quality

The website is fairly easy to navigate. Most information can be found simply by scrolling. We were able to locate the order page, and policy pages quite easily. The site also works on mobile. We did have some minor issues with some of the online content. There is some awkward writing and bad phrasing. However, the site appears to be safe to visit.

Quality of Products And Services

This is where we received the most negative feedback from students. While many were certainly happy with their papers, others had concerns. They felt as if some of the research done was not up to the level of college academics. Others indicated that many of the grammatical and phrasing issues likely meant that their papers were not written by a native English speaker. While we did not find too many errors in the writing we received, we can say that the research sources the writer used were not really academically acceptable sources. That could potentially cause problems for students. We recommend giving very explicit instructions so that students can be secured in the knowledge that their writer will use appropriate sources.

Prices And Discounts

Many writing services publish a payment chart. This is not the case here. However, students can get an approximate price by entering information on the website in order to get a quote. Prices start at just over 11 dollars per page. These prices rise according to academic grade level, deadline, and the type of writing to be done. Pricing here is just a bit below average.

In terms of payment, the company accepts PayPal, and other major credit cards. They process payments through a secured third party.

There is a discount program available. Students who place orders for the first time will receive a discount. In addition to this, you may subscribe to the company’s email newsletter to be informed about other discounts. Finally, a bonus program allows students to accumulate 5% of the price of each order to be paid out later in the form of company credits.

Extra Features

The writing service offers 24-hour support for students and others. They provide email and phone number as well as offering a live chat session. This is helpful for answering questions immediately.

Students who place an order who likely be happy to learn that they will receive certain pages for free. This includes title pages and autobiography. In addition to this, top quality writers can be requested for an additional fee. Final editing is also a paid service that is available.

We believe that our review services should help students who are concerned with data privacy and legal matters such as GDPR. While we cannot advise students or anyone else on matters of law, we can and do take the time to review each writing company’s policy pages on topics such as the use of cookies, customer privacy, terms of use, and refunds. 

Here, these policies are a bit difficult to find. However, once we located them we found them to be well-written and easy to understand. Their data privacy policy, in particular, is easy to understand. It details everything customers may  need to know about their personal data, and how it is used. GDPR is specifically mentioned on the privacy policy page. All indications are that this services are GDPR compliant. This means that customers may inquire about their personal data, and request that it be deleted.


We can certainly say that we uncovered both positives and negatives here. On the positive side, pricing is reasonable, there are discounts available, and the website is easy to navigate. In addition to this, the policy pages on the site indicate that reasonable care and concern are given with regard to customer data privacy. The policies are also easy to read and understand.

The negatives are in the area of writing quality. Here, students’ opinions seem to vary quite widely. Some report writing with many mistakes and broken English. Others appear to be perfectly  happy. The paper we received could have been better researched, but was largely free of spelling and grammatical issues.

Our final rating is three stars. Students should take caution to verify that they will be getting the level of quality they need.

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