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Visit siteRate states that it has been in the writing service business for about 11 years. We are not certain about that, because we can only find information dating back a little over six years. Nonetheless, it is an operational writing service, and so we are providing this review, so that students may have as much information as possible before they make a decision to use 5 Homework services.

In evaluating this company, we have reviewed all of the content on its website, including testimonials published there, samples of writing, blog posts, customer reviews we have found out on the web, and our own experience through ordering a short college research paper.

Everything we have found out about 5Homework is what follows.

Products and Services offers writing services to a student from high school through graduate levels of study. These include all written products from basic essays through Ph.D. dissertations. There is a menu of products on the company website. Other services include editing and proofreading, admissions and scholarship essays, and help with other homework assignments. One more unique feature is that students can pay someone to take their online classes for them.

Website Quality

The site is well organized, with links to the most important information at the top of every page. At the bottom are additional links to pages for specific needs. The site loads relatively quickly. The information provided on each page is clear and precise.

Quality of Products and Services

Here is where the issues begin. To determine quality, we have looked at several factors, with the following results:

  • We reviewed a few of the samples that the company proudly presents. In short, they are awful. The writing is that of an upper elementary or middle school student. Resources are outdated and too elementary for the college level, for sure. Composition errors are numerous, and the types of word usage errors tell us that they were written by a non-native English writer.

  • Many customers have complained about the same types of issues. And, when they requested and received revisions, those revisions are not much better.

  • Blog posts, supposedly crafted by their writers, contained the same problems too.

All in all, we can say that 5 Homework is not a fraud or scam, but the quality is just not there.

As far as customer service is concerned, we were not satisfied with the responses we got when we contacted them on three occasions. First, we were not given specific detailed answers to our questions – this tells us that the company is using an answering service, not trained support reps. We were told, on one occasion, that we could get a compete Ph.D. dissertation of 200 pages within just a few days, if we could come up with almost $6000.00. This, of course, is ridiculous.

Prices and Discounts

5Homework pricing is in the low-average range for the industry. We are not surprised given the quality it provides. This should be a warning to students not to choose a service based upon low prices. We were unable to find offered discounts or any type of promo code for new customers. When we asked customer service about any special pricing, we were told that customers with very large orders were sometimes given coupon codes for discounts. At one point, while we were on the site, there was a pop-up for a 10% discount if we gave our email for a “subscription.”

Extra Features

We did not find any additional benefits, but since we were not charged for our title or bibliography pages, so we assume these could be considered benefits. Anything else a customer wants, such as a plagiarism report, will cost.


As we looked at pros & cons of 5 Homework, there was little we could find to compliment. The writing is poor, the customer service is unsatisfactory, and the quality is just not there. Further, there is no BBB membership. We cannot recommend this writing service and have assigned a rating of “Poor.”

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