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What is the Purpose of a Topic Sentence?

By: WritingServicesReviews

Posted: June 05, 2017

Content what is the purpose of a topic sentence

We all love our smart phones. They can do so much. One of the best things they do is give us directions to places we want to go. We can follow their verbal instructions and get to our destination.

And this is what topic sentences do – they provide the “map” for readers to know what is going on in an essay or paper you write and will take you through the piece in a logical way.

what is the purpose of topic sentences

Let’s first define topic sentence, for it really means two things:

  1. A topic sentence can be defined as what we also call a thesis statement. It is that sentence that tells a reader exactly what the topic of a piece of writing is and makes an important statement about that topic. The purpose of a topic sentence in this context is the perspective that you are giving to the topic of the piece of writing.
  2. A topic sentence is also defined as the main sentence of a paragraph – the sentence that introduces the detail which will follow in that paragraph. In this context, the purpose of the topic sentence is simply to introduce the point of the paragraph.

So, in a general way, when you think about what is the purpose of the topic sentence, the answer is this: it is a sentence that introduces stuff – either the stuff of an entire piece of writing or the stuff that will be included in a paragraph.

Topic Sentences Explained in More Detail

  1. What is the Purpose of a Topic Sentence for an Essay?

This often-called thesis statement is one of the essay introduction sentences found in the introductory paragraph for a piece of writing. The introduction identifies the topic for the piece and the lets the reader know how and why this topic is significant and how it has been interpreted by you, the writer. It usually comes at the end of the first paragraph. The rest of the essay or paper will all relate directly to this thesis statement. So, craft it carefully.

  1. What is the Purpose of Topic Sentences for Paragraphs?

Each essay or paper is divided into paragraphs. And each of those paragraphs introduces a sub-topic of the main topic and thesis statement. And each of those paragraphs must have a topic sentence that introduces the information that will be included. Of all the essay sentences that exist in the content of a piece of writing, the paragraph topic sentences are most important. They give the reader a map for what is going to be covered in that paragraph.

So, How are You With Topic Sentences?

Given the importance of both types of topic sentences, the well-written essay or paper depends on them, big-time.

Are you confident that your thesis statements are crafted effectively? Are you confident that each of your paragraphs has a topic sentence that serves its purpose?

If you are not confident, then it might be a good idea to have your essays and papers looked over by someone who is more skilled than you. This is really an editing and proofreading issue. And there are top writers out there – writers that are attached to professional writing services that you might want to consider using. They can quickly take a look at your thesis statement and paragraph topic sentences, and polish them, to make them more effective. This in turn will make your whole essay or paper better.