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Coupon for Writing Services and How to Find Them

By: WritingServicesReviews

Posted: August 23, 2016

Content coupon for writing services and how to find them

Academic writing services can get a little pricey depending on the academic level, the number of pages, and deadline required. Some services also put a premium on the qualifications of its writers by marking up the prices, setting it above the average of the regular rates in the industry. In fact, some useful features such as a plagiarism checker are not offered for free by some companies. If you are a student, probably on scholarship, this could be a problem especially if you need to work within a budget.

Fortunately, has been crafting reviews of almost all existing writing services online for years that we have actually become quite well-versed about custom writing coupons and how they are being imposed by the majority of the writing companies. Write my paper coupons are offered by writing services mainly to offset prices and attract customers.

These discounts come in different forms such through regular promotional codes available all year or special coupons available only for certain customers or on certain dates of the year. Different companies also have different means of posting these codes or coupons – either customers will be required to sign up for e-mail notifications to receive these discounts or find these coupons posted on the website itself for all customers to use, registered or not.

Offsetting Prices with Essay Writing Coupons

Academic writing services know, by heart, that majority of its customers are students who are probably on scholarship and could use some discounts for their academic papers. To offset prices, these companies offer essay coupons to its customers for the services they provide. Sometimes, these discounts are specific to CV coupons, resume coupons, or thesis coupons. Sometimes, these discounts are general and apply to all services offered by the company.

First-time users usually get an instant discount of at least 10% to 15%. They usually come in codes that you have to enter when placing your order and is, therefore, not automatic. Customers will have to do their research first so they do not miss out on this special offer. Returning customers also get a discount through a progressive discount system. This system involves an increasing promotional code as the number of pages progresses or the total payment surges. These usually range from 5% to 15%. Some companies require these customers to sign up for their e-mail notifications to avail of the discount and some companies offer it without having to sign up for anything.

Special promotional codes are available once in a while. Like the previous essay coupons, customers will have to sign up for e-mail notifications. Some customers also get these custom writing coupons by calling the customer service department and outright asking for it. If you’re lucky, they will give you a code instantaneously. Otherwise, they will just direct you to sign up for their e-mail notifications.

Attracting Customers with Regular Essay Coupons

While customers today are smart enough to know that higher rates mean paying for a premium on qualified and degreed writers, customers still cannot help but desire to save up for their academic paper orders. Depending on which company they are availing of, these write my paper coupons can be availed of through e-mail notifications, website posts, or the customer service department. Some customers even try to Google for coupons applicable to the writing service. Whatever form it comes, or in whatever means to get it, discounts and coupons attract both new users and returning customers, and this is why companies offer it. They are good for business and they maintain a good number of customers.

As mentioned earlier, companies craft progressive discount systems that make customers want to order more pages or at least reach a certain total payment so they can be eligible for a certain percentage of discount, which is usually 15% to 20%, as a maximum. In a business perspective, this will not end up bankrupting the company because customers are made to order more to actually avail of the discount.

Most of these discounts are also one-time offers so there will be instances where customers will have to pay the full total amount of their orders. For instances like this one, there will nonetheless be a couple of special discounts available on certain dates of the year. Customers will just have to strategize their orders if time is not of the essence.

Services Without Discounts

Not all services have discounts available, no matter how you look for it in search engines or call the customer service department. Most bidding system services do not offer these as well as a number of regular writing services. To know which ones offer discounts and what kind of discounts they actually offer, check out for review of each service and their available features.